Our Peruvian Alibi

Spirited and alert, Alibi represents all that is excellence in the Suri alpaca. She hails from a high-quality lineage and her most important inheritance appears to be superb motherhood,having given almost effortless birth to her first crias, Torbio's Quest, standing stud at Zenith Alpacas; Ulixes, a Senor Peruvian Protocol son;and Durango's Sweet Caroline, now residing at Benchmark Alpacas. All of Alibi's offspring have flourished with the prodigious volume of milk she provides. Her latest cria, Jaguar, from Sgt. Pepper, may be her best effort yet. Because of our limited ability to market such a small group of intra-related suris, we are willing to make a like-quality trade for huacayas to maintain a purely huacaya herd.
  • Name: Our Peruvian Alibi
  • Sex: Female
  • D.O.B: 8/18/2004
  • Breed: Suri
  • Color: Bay Black
  • Heritage: Full Peruvian
  • Weight: 151 lbs. - 12/09/07
  • ARI# : 1043860
  • Micron Count: 24.6 (2006); 23.9 (2007); 25.4 (2010)
  • CV: 22.0% (2006); 20.5 (2007); 22.1% (2010)
  • Sire: Sergeant Major Jax; ARI# 802495; Dark Brown/True Black; Son of PPeruvian Juan and 4Peruvian Bailey
  • Dam: 6Peruvian Nutmeg 6821 IMPR98; ARI# 808508; Light Brown
  • Last Updated: 6/23/2019
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Our Peruvian Alibi